Meet Justine

Hi all! I’m Justine, a holistic nutritionist by trade, and a dog lover at heart. Most people who join the healing industry have a story close to heart when it comes to the reason why they decided to help others. Mine, like many others, is no different. In 2012 I was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that was “non life threatening”. After a long hard 6 months, I finally decided to take my health into my own hands, as I was tired of hearing that nothing is wrong with me and that I’d be just fine. So I ventured along the Paleo diet path. I learned more about food in 1 month than I had ever learned in any health class from high school or college. Since that time in my life, I’ve gone on to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, and a certified GAPS practitioner, so that I can help others gain the knowledge and confidence they need, to use food as their medicine to accomplish heath that is unmatched to any modern way of medicine



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